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A bit scary

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]squidflakes)

In his Newsweek column, Rabbi Marc Gellman praises the actions of the Evangelicals for their assistance after Katrina with phrases like:

"I hope that even people who are suspicious of their motives for America can admire the power of their good works when America needed good works the most."


"Even if they wanted to evangelize the storm-tossed remnants after giving them food, shelter and clothing—who cares?"

This is exactly the sort of attitude that lets the Talibangicals get away with their various schemes. Not to vilify charity here, but turning a blind eye to their true purpose is like letting a rabid dog loose in a pre-school just because it scared off some thieves in the night.

Charity is a fantastic cover, as Jim Jones found out in the late 70s, and because it has been abused to such an extent, I think that charitable organizations should be held to the same standards for reporting and conduct as any other business. As we've read, the Salvation Army has a lock on the modern day American Slave Market, but that remains one of those wink-and-a-nod secrets. If any for-profit business tried to emulate, they would be set upon faster than hungry shark on a fat baby seal, but since the Salvation Army is a charitable organization (and a "Christian" one at that), they fall completely under the radar.

The original article can be found here. Item #3

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