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May 2008
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Fascinating discussion over on D.U.:

The question seems to be: ought a gov't to protect members of a specific religious belief from challenges to their belief system by allowing them to 'opt out' of any secular public school teachings that pose such a challenge? The cutting af fine hairs and sematics aside, evolution theory, as the main example, is and will remain such a challenge to dominionists (among others).

The original poster seems to think that throwing the Bible Literalists a bone thus would weaken what he sees as their dominionist, defensive 'we must take over in order to safeguard our own community' ardor. (I suspect some on this list would rather cynically, and vigorously, disagree).

But, I still wonder....would allowing such 'opting out' be a dangerous step upon the slippery slope....or would it remove a large part of the dominionists' 'we're being coerced' ammunition, allow them to feel they've 'won' enough to back off from empire-building?

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