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Santa gets around


The current issue of The Asian Reporter has a story on page 3 about Muslims in Santa Claus costumes volunteering to guard Christian churches this weekend to prevent vandalism and violence in Jakarta. I didn't find the story online, but since I'm not accomplishing anything at work right now, I've typed out part of it.

Muslim Organization will guard churches on Xmas

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) -- Cautious Clauses. Indonesians dressed in Santa Claus costumes wave on the street during a Christmas event in Jakarta, Indonesia. The youth wing of Indonesia's largest Islamic organization will deploy uniformed members to guard [Christian] churches over the Christmas and New Year's holidays.

I couldn't find the story online, but I did find this:

Hotel security men with Santa Claus costumes stand guard with a Indonesia police officer in Jakarta, Indonesia, Friday, Dec 23, 2005. Thousands of troops were being deployed to guard Indonesian churches Friday amid warnings that al-Qaida linked militants were planning Christmas terror attacks in the world's most populous Muslim nation. (AP Photo/ Achmad Ibrahim)

The rest of the story...

Wow. Tell that to your Islam-hating Xtian Fundies.

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