Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
People like this kind of disgust me . . .

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]thoth_moon)

So, was watching CNN earlier and they had an interview with Brian Welch. Who's Brian Welch, you may ask? Former lead guitarist of Korn. He left the band earlier this year after pulling the whole "finding God" bit. That, and he felt that the heavy metal gig wasn't a suitable place to raise his little daughter (okay, I can see his point there).

Anyways, they're interviewing him and all, and I guess he was all drugged-up and depressed when he converted. (In my opinion I think that sometimes religious leaders use this sort of misery of another person to their advantage as it probably makes it easier to convert them without them really being aware of what's going on. That kind of pisses me off; one should help people because one is good, not because one is looking to meet some sort of sheep quota for their flock.) Okay, so he finds God or whatever and his and his little girl's lives are a lot better now due to it. Fine with me.

But I guess he's using his music talent now to act all self-righteous (he wrote a song, kinda to 50 Cent, and the lyrics went "Bow your head in shame; You've disgraced your Father's name"), and I'm thinking, who the hell are you to go around judging him or anybody else for that matter, just because they're doing the same thing you do? Isn't that against your religion?

He's talking about how he misses the Korn members, but that they've "pushed him away" and that he really wishes they'd come around and let him open their eyes or something. Basically, he was trying to force his lifestyle on them, and they dissociated themselves from him. He also said that he's using his money from his new Christian music for better use than he used to with the Korn music. Something about there being thousands of kids living on the streets in India who need to hear the word of God or something.

Okay . . . dude, just because becoming born again did good for you, doesn't mean it's the thing for EVERYBODY. Maybe your former band mates weren't all fucked up like you and didn't need to become a Jesus freak to clean up their act. It worked for you: Great. Don't go pushing it on other people though. Don't think you can blast other people in the music gig just for their kind of music. I actually heard somewhere before that 50 Cent does a lot of charity work and stuff when he ain't rapping.

And as far as the little Indian children go . . . you would think a GOOD Christian would worry about these kids getting roofs over there heads, clean water to drink, good food to eat, and a good education before worrying about whether they know YOUR depiction of God or not. What, you're only going to help these kids if it involves converting them from Hinduism or Sikhism or Islam or whatever else religion? The good Christian would attend to the needs of these kids for their quality of life and their futures first, and not because they're looking to score some converts.

. . . Giving it some consideration, I think it's cool that he managed to clean up his act and it's fine if religion was his means to do that, but that other stuff . . . well, people like him kind of disgust me, in a way. You know what I'm saying?