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The Hidden Threat within the Provisions of the Patriot Act

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]navytron89)

With the coming renewal of the Patriot Act (a knee-jerk reaction to 9/11) certain provisions have come to light. The ACLU is stepping up and letting people know about this provision which grants special powers to the Secret Service. 

Here's where the problem is in regarding the dominonists and their quest for a Theocratic America;

If and when a Theocrat get into higher political office, they gain the protection of  Secret Service and here's where than provision is a problem. 

First off, the Religious Reich could/would use this to limit press from monitoring their activities by using the Secret Service as a shield: Any controversial press people can be viewed as a potential disruptor of a political event, so basic freedom of the press would go right out the window, and only selected press representivates would be allowed in.

A nice way to control a room of followers/supporters without having to worry about media interferance.

Additionally this provision would allow the Religious Reich an extra tool against people, protestors could be detained and then listed as a possible domestic threat/suspect which would be used against them. 

After which those people can be monitored by law enforcement, including electronic investigations and warrant-less searches of homes/business, and wasted money and man-hours against the innocent citizens instead of combating real terrorists (like the dominonists themselves). 

Can anyone see the irony here??? 

This whole provision sounds rather Orwellian to me;  in the regards of this little item can be used by the Religious Reich as a tool to control people's right to protest against something unjust and unrealistic (as well as Un-American).

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