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May 2008
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LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]thoth_moon)

Okay, I'll be brief, but who all here thinks that this whole debate over "merry Christmas" versus "happy Holidays" is a grossly stupid church&state separation debate? Man, I just LOVE how they fight over whether or not to call it a "Christmas tree" or a "Holiday tree", while much more important issues, such as the spread of vermin "faith-based" organizations for the dumbest stuff (such as, from a previous entry I read on this community, the Catholic sent to the Pentacostal "drug therapy" program; or the "Christian" camps that "fix" homosexual teens, or so on- you know, IMPORTANT issues?) are completely ignored??? I personally don't give a flying fuck what you call it, okay? This entire holiday argument is STUPID if you think about it- hello??? Freedom-fighers, dominionists, ya'll have MUCH bigger stuff to argue about, right?

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