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May 2008
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Aww Crap!!!!

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]navytron89)

Another Dominionist/Religious Reich lackey is back (from the grave) ready to lead us down another road to hell.

This week's U.S. NEWS & World Report has the lastest from Newt Gingrich and the whisperings of  his running for the Oval Office in 2008.

For the record this is the same moron that had the Office of Technological Assessment shut down as supposed part of cutting governmental spending (which is was actual as part of the Fundamentalist movement to put a leash on science and evolution). 

Science and evolution are the things that Religious Reich and Dominionist despise as it challenges/questions biblical ideology and intelligent free-thinking is needed to pursue science which is contridictory to simple-mindness/blind obedience of the masses.

I find bitter irony in Gingrich's statement:

  • With America's economic dominance threatened, Newt Gingrich, the brainy former speaker of the House of Representatives, argues, "science and technology are at the heart of our survival." President Bush's No Child Left Behind Act, Gingrich continues, is "nutty." Instead, he says, kids should be paid cold, hard cash for excelling in math and science; prescription drugs, meanwhile, should be available on websites like Travelocity.com, where shoppers can compare prices before they buy.

Ok, with all due respect Mr. (Former) Speaker of the House,  Aren't you the same idiot that shut down the OTA?

While he is currently pandering to the masses and middle America, especially those hurt by the economic impacts that Shrub has caused after going off to an illegal and unjust war. I'll  note that if the OTA had not been shut down and been still running for the last 10 years, as an independent group of scientists and a bipartisan panel, Shrub would have found it ten-twenty times harder to justify the Iraqi War as the WMDs and yellow-cake urianium was never real to begin with.

Reading futher on I see thru alot of his bullshit ideological values which are suppose to make for an appealing presidental canidate, especially after all the problems Bush 2.0 and his thugs have inflicted on the America sheeple and the rest of the planet.

  •   Gingrich has plenty of ideas in his current role as consultant and policy wonk. Winning the Future focuses on issues that Gingrich believes threaten America's dominance. Like what, you ask? Liberal secularism, terrorism, inefficient bureaucracy, and poor math and science education. Gingrich's goal is nothing less than "creating a 21st-century, intelligent, effective government."

After looking this statement over I see his attempt to please the Religious Reich crowd with this paragraph, Liberal Secularism.

Excuse me! Professor if you read history as you have the damn degree in the United State was founded on secularism.  Moron!

Additionally he talks about creating an intelligent government, the government is already intelligent. The problem is there is no common sense among the college educated retards that are running the country into the ground, instead they are kissing the collective asses of the big businesses (like Wally-Mart, the Oil Baronies and other Mega Corpses) which is bleeding the populace dry of there life and money.   

While he was the  South Republican Poster Boy back in the 80s-90s,  it amazes me that his head is so far up his asshole that he can see the real world thru the shit-stained lenses of  his.

If you look back at his track record of screw ups and sell outs its amazing that we aren't farther along the road to Dominonist rule.

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