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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
Putting out a shout-out for help on a project...

In some research I've been doing on LPFM godcasting networks, I've found that...to put it mildly...this is something very, very big and something that I am probably going to need assistance with from multiple folks.

Hence, I'm posting to Dark Christianity to see if anyone would be interested in assisting me with a bit of a research project.

Basically, what this research project is going to consist of is:

a) Finding out ownership of LPFM, translator, and "full power" FM stations in the top 50 Arbitron markets (I already have the pages saved from the research site at RECnet, so I would mostly need to mail a copy to people for however many they wanted to work on)

b) With translators, finding out which station they translate and noting this in an Excel database as well as the RECnet URL for the translated station

c) If you feel up to Google surfing, searching on the call letters of the translated station to see if they have links to obvious "godcaster" or dominionist radio stations.

People who may be interested in this project are invited to contact me at dogemperor (at) livejournal (dot) com and I can provide further details including examples of what I'm looking for (I've set up an example already for Colorado Springs, CO).

This will be the initial basis for a mapping of dominionist "godcaster" networks and mapping specifically links between godcasters in the US.

From there, I hope to post a report--along with a few folks on Talk2Action--on godcasting networks and how they are explicitly targeting radio stations, give an accurate count of dominionist-operated translators, etc.