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PBS Frontline tonight


Tonight's installment of "Frontline" should be interesting- The Jesus Factor will explore President Bush's born-again faith and its impact on public policy.

From the website:

"As an evangelical Christian, President Bush has something in common with the 46 percent of Americans who describe themselves as being "born again" or having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Often has the president recounted praying about major decisions facing the nation--but what do we actually know about the rudiments of George Bush's faith? To what extent do the president's spiritual beliefs impact or influence his political decision-making? And how closely do Bush's religious views mirror those of the country's burgeoning--and politically influential--evangelical movement?"


ADDENDUM: The Frontline site is now active, and a streaming version of the program will be available on May 1st. The site is quite in-depth- check it out. It includes some excellent insights on the definition of fundementalists and evangelicals, for example.

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