Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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I have some questions--I don't want anyone to think I am being disingenuous here, I really want opinions and, if possible, links to anything that might shed light upon my questions.

[info]dogemperor, you have been so very helpful as well as forthcoming regarding your upbringing and what you had to endure, as have others on this extremely informative and erudite group.

Anyway, here goes--these leaders of dominionist groups, Jim Dobson, Ted Haggerd, Jerry Falwell, etc.--what's the real story on them personally? Do they really believe what they are selling or are they in it for the power/money? Are there sources for first hand accounts of what these people are really like?

What about the pastors or whatever they call themselves that some of you are personally acquainted with?

(more behind the cut, so as to not clog up the page!)

In my post regarding the 'ex-gay' groups earlier today I mentioned my Catholic upbringing. I want to say at this point that when I was a child, I had a deep reverence for the Catholic faith and I think part of the reason that I had such a deep guilt complex was that my parish priests, most especially the Monsiegneur, were all men of deep faith and commitment. When I grew older, I had time to interact with the Monsiegneur quite often. He was (is) a theology major and very easy to talk to as he grew up with my father and was a friend of the family. A good man and one who really believes his Faith and in what he represents.When I finally did come out, and announced to my family that I was moving in with my loved one, Monsiegneur N. was actually quite supportive and we had a long talk about it. He said that he realized that I had been struggling with it for years and that he was glad to see that I had resolved my dilemma. He did not condemn me, nor did he exhort me to renounce my feelings and be what I could no longer be; I feel that he knows in his heart that I am not a sinner; I think he understands what realy spirituality is.

It is for this reason I want to know what these people, thes leaders of this movement are really after, what they are really like. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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