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May 2008
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Request for assistance

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]amethyst_hunter)

[info]dogemperor, I could really use your fact-finding expertise on this. :)

An aunt of mine sent me a forwarded email today that was from the AFA (led by Donald Wildmon). Basically it's another fear tactic - "Let's freak people out by telling them that a lone atheist is out to get the 'in God we trust' motto removed off currency!" Uh-uh. Not gonna happen, especially in this current political climate. However, I seem to remember that the AFA is an especially suspect dominionist group, and as such I want to post a reply to my aunt (who is *not* any sort of fundamentalist; probably more like she is one of the many who are largely unaware of dominionism in general and its tactics) letting her know that you cannot trust anything coming from that group. But I need some good links for evidence...doesn't have to be a lot, just maybe one or two things that show Wildmon and co. are not the sort of folk that can be trusted.

Thanks. :)

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