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There's a movie coming out next year that looks extremely interesting. It's being done by Brian Flemming, the man who did the documentary "The God Who Wasn't There".
Interestingly, it comes out on 6/6/06.

Here's the basic plot summary:

When her father, a biblical scholar, mysteriously disappears, a Christian high-school student named Danielle investigates. She discovers that he had stumbled across a cover-up of Christianity's best-kept secret: That Jesus Christ never existed. Now that she possesses proof of this dangerous fact, Danielle confronts two strong forces: A band of fundamentalist Christians who will stop at nothing to suppress the truth, and her own desire for Jesus Christ to be real. The Beast dives into factual territory well-explored by scholars but largely hidden from the view of the public.

There's more, including forums at the official site.

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