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May 2008
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David Wolfe/other church

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]thornewilder)

Hope this ends up in the right place. Sorry if it doesn't, I'll keep trying. I am not really a technorati, so I cannot tell if this starts a thread or just ends up in journal somewhere. Oh well.

David Wolfe is the person in question. He started a medical billing group in Oregon, and now owns an ISP called SpiritOne. He is listed on the Renew America website - or at leat the name David Wolfe - as one of the 25 most influention conservative Christians who has not been recognized by the Bush administration. Any info on this guy?

Also, is this church an secret dominionist church? I tried to read their stuff but I just do not have the lingo you folks do. I say yes, but I am an amateur with a touch of paranoia. Thanks


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