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May 2008
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Harriet Meir's Nomination Withdrawn

Per CNN and multiple other news-sources, Bush is withdrawing Harriet Miers' nomination for Supreme Court justice:


This is relevant to this community because--in large part--Miers may have been specifically selected because she was a dominionist rather than on her qualifications. The most infamous example of this link appears to be multiple reports that she was selected on specific information from Focus on the Family's leader James Dobson. Dobson refused to provide the info until threatened with a possible subpoena; more on this below.

Miers has links to other dominionist groups, as documented in this article (most of the evidence is in the responses), but I'll summarise the relevant info:

Affiliations with dominionist groups:

Exodus Ministries International is a group that is essentially an AoG front group (it was founded by an AoG preacher who was also head of the chaplaincy program for Texas' prison system) for "prison ministry" that has been linked to coercive religious tactics, including conversions under duress and preventing Jews and Moslems from practicing their religion (even actively retaliating against complainants); this link notes explicit endorsement by state of Texas; is documented using Alpha USA curriculum for purposes of stealth evangelism (Alpha, at least *as run in the United States* (it was originally designed for Anglicans), has been largely hijacked by dominionists and the majority of support is from dominionists; its links section almost entirely refers to dominionist groups). Further links to it being an AoG front group are evidenced by the group's association with Youth With A Mission (the latter of which is an extremely coercive "bible based" group recently identified as a front group of the AoG, and one of the "bible-based" groups most consistently associated with coercive tactics and spiritual abuse of its members)


Valley View Christian Church, a church which apparently is affiliated with the Christian Church (which some branches of which are dominionist) and is known to have theology pointing to being into dominionism. Recently split over the issue of "contemporary" versus "traditional" worship services, per this article; Miers apparently now attends the breakaway Cornerstone Christian Church, which was the "traditionalist" church in the split. Per this article the present preacher of the church is a "godcaster" radio preacher; the original preacher is now at Cornerstone Christian.

Cornerstone Christian Church (no link yet)

Cornerstone Christian Church is a "breakaway" church from Valley View Christian Church, and from what little info is available it may be even more dominionist. Per this article (from a dominionist television preacher associated with the AoG), as well as this link, the preacher may have explicitly prayed for her nomination.

(As a note: "Cornerstone" is a very common code-phrase used in dominionist circles, and its use in churches is essentially a brand-name/code-phrase for a fundamentalist dominionist church.)

http://www.fotf.org (Focus on the Family)
http://www.pfm.org/ (Chuck Colson's "Prison Fellowship Ministries")
http://www.aclj.org/ (American Center for Law and Justice (dominionist legal group))
http://www.erlc.com/ (For Faith and Family, dominionist group operated by Richard Land; Land is televangelist who has his own website at http://www.richardlandlive.com/ and is apparently affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention)
http://www.purposedrivenlife.com/ (Rick Warren's "Purpose Driven Life"; Rick Warren is a popular author in dominionist circles)
http://www.nrlc.org/ (National Right to Life Coalition)
http://www.freecongress.org/about/pweyrich.asp (Free Congress Foundation via Paul Weyrich; Weyrich has also founded multiple other dominionist groups including the Heritage Foundation and is member of dominionist "steering" group Coalition for National Policy)
(All parties listed above either as participants in conference call with President Bush or as in support of Miers. The conference call is documented below, and is available at here in audio format.)
http://www.frc.org (Family Research Council)
(noted via this article)
http://www.afa.net (American Family Association)
(Don Wildmon listed as moderator for conference call at this link)
Focus on the Family and other dominionist groups apparently were a major factor in Miers' initial selection and her eventual withdrawal (more on that below). Per this article, she was actually selected based on a conference call with multiple dominionist organisations and Bush. Dobson has actually noted here that she was chosen *specifically* on the basis of being a dominionist who would likely rule in favour of dominionists on the court. He did not admit this until threatened with a subpoena by a Colorado-area legislator.

In reference to the conference calls in particular--this article gives info that a second conference call may have been held between members of the Arlington Group, a dominionist "steering committee" in the general style of Coalition for National Policy or Coalition On Revival. Dobson is also now thought to have engaged in a THIRD conference call involving Karl Rove (who may incidentially soon be under indictment for treason).

Interestingly, as more info on her links came out, the dominionist groups started backing away; Concerned Women for America was one of the few dominionist groups not to endorse her, and after a while Dobson started backpedaling. Most news sources are in fact reporting much of the reason she eventually lost the nomination was she wasn't enough of a hardline dominionist (as frightening as it sounds!).

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