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May 2008
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Christian Reconstructionist Roy Moore officially announces candidacy for AL governor

Several people mentioned this on other forums, and Nagisa specifically called it here, but now it's official:


Roy Moore--known Christian Reconstructionist and golden-boy of the dominionist movement--has officially announced his candidacy for governor of Alabama.

Roy Moore, for those who have been raised by wolves, grew up in a Skinner box, have been stationed at McMurdo Base in Antarctica for the past decade, or are otherwise unaware, is a Christian Reconstructionist ex-judge who ended up being disbarred for violating a federal court order that not only ordered him to remove a multi-tonne Ten Commandments sculpture but to stop using Christian Reconstructionist arguments in court (among other things, in his past as a circuit court judge and also as an Alabama Supreme Court Justice he was giving unfavourable sentences to non-dominionists including Catholics *specifically* because they weren't dominionists, holding sectarian dominionist prayers in the court, and was using sections of Leviticus as law in rendering court decisions unfavourable to dominionist hate targets).

Roy Moore is, partly because of his eventual disbarment (by his fellow Alabama Supreme Court justices, at that!), a seen as a bit of a martyr and very much a golden boy in dominionist circles. Post-disbarrment, he has been a "shadow writer" for several dominionist initiatives, including the "Constitution Restoration Act" (which, if passed, would strip jurisdiction--including under the Bill of Rights--of practically every court in regards to any law passed invoking God as the reason for its passage; quite literally the ONLY thing that would be prohibited would be religious tests for office (prohibited under article VI) but states would be free to set themselves up as theocracies otherwise; this article confirms the bill was in fact shadow-written by Moore) as well as support for other Christian Reconstructionist judges; he also has rallied with dominionist groups including those involved in "Justice Sunday" and including Gary North (who is associated with "Christian Patriot" militia groups).

At least one of the dominionist groups supporting him is on a radio station formerly owned by a radio preacher-turned-state senator that has claimed that Hurricane Katrina is divine retribution (and whom still has programming on the station) and also carries "Christian Militia" programming. (This is relevant because, among other things, "Christian Militia" groups are tied with several racist militia groups; both the Oklahoma City bombers *and* Eric Rudolph are thought to have associated with "Patriot Militia" groups.)

There is already discussion on multiple forums--one which I think needs to turn into an organised campaign--to specifically see which churches and dominionist groups (with 501(c)3 non-profit status, such as how AFA and Focus on the Family are organised) are endorsing Roy Moore over the next few months and start filing reports to the IRS and state tax authorities of illegal politicking to have the tax exempt status of those groups revoked. (As Roy Moore is pretty much adored over and advocated/cheerleadered on by almost every dominionist group in the country--including a few specifically set up for the cheerleading of this idiot--it's possible that *most* dominionist groups could end up losing their tax exempt status if groups work in an organised fashion to monitor and report.)

EDIT: A fairly full history of Moore's misbehaviour is here.

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