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May 2008
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Creepy prayer magic


This Wren's Nest article talks about a creepy practice of some "See You At The Flagpole" Christians:

United by their love for Christ and their concern for a spiritually broken world, students Wednesday met at local schools for the annual "See You at the Pole" event.

Nearly 150 students gathered early in the morning at the Edmond North High School yard where they prayed for their school, for their community, for President Bush and for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

They also prayed for non-Christian students in their school and wrote their names down on paper.

In a solemn, symbolic offering, they nailed the pieces of paper to a wooden cross, set up beside the flag pole.

But this isn't the only type of negaitve prayer magic (and yes, it is a form of harmful, binding magic) that these True Believers ™ are encouraged to practice. On this SYATP site, believers are encouraged to pray over photographs in their yearbook:

Yearbook praying:

This is a great strategy for getting your church involved in praying for Christian and non-Christian students at your school. See if you can purchase an extra yearbook from last year or plan ahead and by an extra one this year. Cut the pictures out in rows that include five to seven students and have them ready for people at your church to pick up. Ask them to pick up a strip of pictures and commit to pray for each student once a week. They don’t even have to know the student to pray for them. The key is to have them pray that if the student is a Christian, that God would use them to make an impact on their campus that day. That if they are not a Christian, that they would give their hearts to Christ. Can you imagine the impact that would happen if every student on your campus were prayed for once a week for the entire year? Another option, in case you can’t get a yearbook is to use a school directory or a list of students at your school. This should be a public list that’s available to anyone so you won’t be invading anybody’s privacy. If your school is big, involve other churches in this prayer effort and watch what God can do when His people pray.

This is not benevolent prayer- not by a long shot. The impact and intent of these bindings and prayers is to forcibly convert people to their flavor of faith by the application of binding or image magic- either by 'nailing' them, or by 'breaking' them. Both are extremely negative practices (not to mention being prohibited in their very own Scriptures), and should be 'outed' for the genuine 'black' kind of magic (harming others through applied prayer) that is truly is. Were Pagans or other faiths permitted to practice such things on school grounds, I can guarantee you that the Powers That Be would not see them as beneficial at all. Sauce for the goose. This practice needs to be outed for the hypocracy it truly is.

Another link: Should I 'See you at the pole?'

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