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Cultural Warfare Update

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]britzkrieg)

These are some of the headlines from [info]solarbird's latest cultural warfare update:

* Don Feder, mid-level fundamentalist leader, tosses in his two cents: Katrina was God's Punishment for evacuations of Jewish settlements in Gaza, queers, and a few other things
* National Review argues that John Roberts is setting up to rule against Roe v. Wade
* Kennedy rails against Federal relief funds going to religious schools
* National Center for Health Statistics showing more youth engaging in "alternative" sex (FotF's word) - teenage women in particular. FotF wonk claims that the study is being released to discredit abstinence-only education.
* FotF applauds major new Justice Department push against "obscenity"
* FotF pleased at outcome of UN goals -- "sexual and reproductive rights" removed from final language
* FotF ACTION ITEM to exempt religious Head Start money receivers from anti-discrimination law in hiring. They want religious receivers of federal money to be able to be able to engage in currently-illegal religious hiring discrimination.
* FotF encourages fundamentalists to use the Human Rights Campaign's list of GBLT-friendly businesses to form a personal boycott list
* FotF ACTION ITEM to continue pressuring Governor Schwarzenegger to veto the California marriage rights bill while simultaneously complaining about about pressure from GBLT groups to not veto it
* Puerto Rico may pass bill allowing same-sex marriages performed in other states to be recognised there, while not allowing them locally. FotF urges against, of course.
* One of two CWA "take that, fags" articles about NY Central Park Zoo's gay penguin couple breaking up. Also plugs the "March of the Penguins" documentary movie as evidence of creationism.
* Georgia legislator trying to make it harder for Gay-Straight Alliance clubs to get members.
* Traditional Values Coalition scare story about QUEERS CONTROLLING THE MEDIA.
* Washington State's Faith and Freedom network: education is useless without the Bible, must be based on it in all areas.

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