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May 2008
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Pending Constitutional Crisis

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The following entry is really only of interest to those who follow American politics.

According to WorldNetDaily, Mr. Roy Moore of Alabama is prepared to present legislation before the 107th Congress when it returns for its second year session. This legislation would "reassert the power he insists Congress already has to limit the jurisdiction of federal courts." According to Moore, Article III of the Constitution grants Congress the power to limit the jurisdiction of the lower federal courts.

This, unfortunately, is not the mere ranting of a lone madman. Focus on the Family advocates this and other bills which will soon be before the 107th Congress. From their website: "This power was used more than a dozen times in the 107th Congress to prohibit court review of legislation, including bills addressing homeland security."

Well, congratulations, Christian conservatives. You're beginning to find the necessary loopholes which will do away with such inconveniences as habeus corpus, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion in order to allow you to usher in the new age of theonomy. Apparently, the PATRIOT act was only the beginning. Who knew? Except, of course, those of us who've been sounding the alarm bells for the past 18 months...

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