Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
Keeping Con Artists Out of the Pulpit


An interesting article talks about the real need for background checks for pastors in Christian churches. Someone calling themselves 'Reverend' does not automatically make them a 'good' person. Sometimes, it's the opposite- as many Christians (and Pagans) have bitterly experienced.

All Calls Not Divine

Like most other professions, good and bad people make their way into the ministry. Some religious folk want to believe that everybody who puts on a collar is answering a divine call and will forever stay on the straight and narrow. But we have evidence to the contrary.

Some people may be answering the call of an empty bank account. A congregation in South Carolina, for example, had upwards of $1 million in the bank before the new minister took his place in the pulpit. He started a building project, hired questionable consultants,...

He literally went on a spending frenzy. Because this is a Baptist church, one wonders why the deacons didn't reel him in. But they apparently joined the rest of the congregation in letting this man make financially ruinous decisions.

Unfortunately, situations like this are becoming more the norm than the exception. We all know people or know of people who attend services at imperfect places of worship.