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Daily Kos diaries


Here are a couple of Daily Kos Diaries that are relevant to this community:

A Black Baptist Minister Takes on the Theocrats Writes Rev. Carlton W. Veazey:

"Progressives who think warnings about 'theocracy' are an exaggeration should take a closer look at 'Justice Sunday: Filibustering People of Faith,' Veazy wrote. The event was "beamed into conservative churches across the country: a political rally from a large, comfortable mega-church in Louisville, with a middle-class audience listening with rapt attention to political operatives who self-identify as religious leaders-and at the bottom of the screen, streaming video with the photos, names and phone numbers of targeted U.S. senators. The visual message was clear: the church is dominant over the state and senators should toe the line on eliminating the filibuster and confirming Bush judges or pay the price."


"There is a right way and a wrong way to engage religious voices in the public square. I believe "Justice Sunday" reflects the latter and highlights several disturbing trends... As a Baptist minister for more than 40 years with a profound respect for religious freedom and pluralism, I fear it will get worse. In fact, I think we are teetering on the brink of theocracy and the Christian Right could conceivably use the battle over the judiciary and weakening support for reproductive rights to push us over the edge...."

Fredrick Clarkson, founder of Talk To Action, says that this essay should be read in its entirety, and spread far and wide. I heartily agree. It is people like this- people of faith who see the big picture and understand what is at stake- whom we need to find, engage, and work with to reverse the Dominionist onslaught.

And here's another diary written by a USAF member, who wrote a letter to the Stars and Stripes earlier this week about religious intolerance.

Breaking Free From a Theocratic Upbringing

The writer says that he hasn't gotten any feedback or fallout yet, but he expects that he will.

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