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Supreme Court refuses Houston bible monument case

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Since it's been in the news and I think mentioned here before...

As I recall, the bible hadn't been added to the monument until just a few years? before the suit, not from the beginning as stated in the article. Or maybe the bible just wasn't opened, or something.

I also love our new County judge's opinion on the matter... *cough*


The court's decision brings to a close a four-year battle over a monument that used to stand outside the former Harris County Civil Courthouse on Fannin. The monument included an open Bible under glass.

But there could be future legal wrangling over the monument. County Judge Ed Emmett and Commissioner Steve Radack said they want the county to install the monument and Bible elsewhere on county property.

"I definitely would favor putting it up," Emmett said. "Some (separation of church and state) rulings are silly. We carry money around that says, 'In God We Trust.' "

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What do Dommies really use Conservapedia for?

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Remember our chums at
Conservapedia “the trustworthy encyclopedia” (set up to give Dommies an online resource that shows the world *their* way without the liberal bias of, erm, facts)?

There’s a story in today’s Guardian about the most viewed pages on Conservapedia:

Main page: 1,951,467
Homosexuality: 1,810,286
Homosexuality and hepatitis: 518,398
Homosexuality and parasites: 453,062
Gay bowel syndrome: 429,873
Homosexuality and promiscuity: 422,589
Homosexual couples and domestic violence: 374,456
Homosexuality and gonorrhoea: 332,262
Homosexuality and anal cancer: 294,852
Homosexuality and mental health 294,223

Good to see what the "fair and balanced" people out there are using it to research…

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