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"The Inner Life of a Cell" Plagiarized By The Discovery Institute

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]raven_oreilly) Haha. Those Intelligent Design guys at the Discovery Institute took the video "The Inner Life of a Cell" (owned by Harvard and XVIVO) and turned it into propaganda. DarkSyde talks about it on dailyKOS.

Basically, they took the video, modified it and presto! New video to be shown at creationist revival meetings. DarkSyde links to the source of this discovery (ha!), who was there and has video of the original and the fake. I dunno how many of you fully trust/believe in the stuff posted at dailyKOS, but the video of their version is enough evidence for me.

For anyone not familiar with Intelligent Design. It's this new... "movement" to get God put into science classes by creating a "controversy" where the meanie science peoples aren't letting an alternate version of where life on Earth began - instead of the Big Bang or what have you, it was God. The Dover, PA case is a pretty well known case that NOVA did a piece on, where the school board tried to put it in science classes and failed.

Guess the Discovery Institute guys are getting desperate.

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Dominionism in Canada


This story surprised me. A school board decides to remove books by Phillip Pullman because he's an atheist.

The kicker is this is in Canada.

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