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More on McClurkin

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From Professor Kim's News Notes, several links and this quote:
' Mc Clurkin is a Grammy-winning Gospel artist who will be performing at next week's Republican National Convention. Mc Clurkin has been an outspoken for a number of years about his belief, born of his personal experience, that people choose to be homosexual after experiences of childhood abuse and neglect. Mc Clurkin's argument is consistent with that of groups such as the National Association for Research and Therapy for Homosexuality and ex-gay ministries such as Exodus International.

The commenter (quoted in the linked piece) cites sources from the 700 Club and elsewhere that say Mc Clurkin is organizing black churches to support Pres. Bush's push for a constitutional amendment that bans same-sex marriage. '

And here's Ex-GayWatch's links on him, including this gem of a quote from youth 'leader Scott Davis responding to McClurkin's (unavailable online) testimonial':

"Donnie’s story of abuse and confused sexual identity is a reminder
of God’s call on Exodus to be part of preventing homosexuality among
youth. We cannot merely help those who have developed homosexuality; we
must help prevent the development of homosexuality among our youth. Fore
the sake of our children, we need to vote for civic leaders who defend
sexual morality and who work to build up American families instead of
tearing them down."

Sounds Dominionist enough for me...

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Dominionist-in-Chief vs. Gog & Magog?

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This oughta ping Dogemporer's dommie-dar:


For those of you who don't know "The Voice of the White House" is an alleged insider in Dubya's admin. I've been reading him for years, and a lot of his revelations turned out to be confirmed months later. I'd pay attention, despite any reservations that members here might have.


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Possible WfI trouble brewing?

It seems the more things happen re the "Warriors for Innocence" censorship fiasco, the more Livejournal seems to bungle things.

Namely, it seems now that people can flag any entries to LJ Abuse for "adult content":

(from LJ Herald)

A 'Flag content' icon/link will be added to the icons/links found in every entry (Leave a Comment, Add to Memories, Tell a Friend, Track Comments, etc.).

ETA (on Oct. 20 @ 11:45pm GMT): Users won't be able to "flag anything if their account isn't at least one month old". Logged-out users won't be able to flag content. Editor's Note: thanks to worldserpent for the heads-up.

ETA (on Oct. 20 @ 7:55pm GMT): developer janinedog tells us that users won't be able to flag their own entries via the Flag icon. However, they will be able to flag their entries when posting or editing them and, of course, flag their journals via Manage Settings or Manage Communities (we already knew that). The Flag icon will therefore be used by other users to report content to the Abuse team who will then review the content and decide to flag it as containing adult content or not. Janine also tells us that these changes will go live next Thursday. Thanks again, Janine.

More info here:
Users can't flag their own stuff via the flag icon. They can flag their own stuff via the Manage Settings page option (which flags the whole journal) or while posting/editing an entry (which will flag just that entry).

The flag icon is used to submit the journal or entry to the Abuse Team for review. The settings are used for the account owner or journal poster to self-police themselves.

So to summarise: You can mark your own stuff as "adult" and this is okay, but the flag button used by other people auto-generates an LJ Abuse request.

Seeing as Livejournal has in fact admitted they have no formal training in regards to abuse issues and in particular abuse issues that may have legal aspects--as exhibited in defense of communities promoting religiously motivated child abuse, among other things whilst removing adult Harry Potter fanfiction (technically, Dumbledore x Grindenwald fanfic can result in an abuse complaint even though the creator of the series herself has admitted that this is not only canonical but she is interested in seeing what slash fanfic will result)--I am, shall we say, a bit nervous about this.

Among other things, one of my real worries about this is that dominionist groups like Warriors for Innocence will start "astro-turfing" targets for mass complaints with LJ Abuse. DMCA SLAPPs and similar stunts are well known as a method of silencing critics that dominionists have used; another method they occasionally have used is by filing massive numbers of complaints claiming a target is in violation of the rules (for example, the Parent's Television Council and the AFA's "complaint-spamming" of the FCC claiming shows are violating indecency rules; PTC's complaints total up to over 99 percent total of indecency complaints sent to the FCC, for things as minor as a woman being in a bikini before the "Threshold Hour" of 11pm), and I can very easily see dominionist groups targeting entire communities (including this one).

I do wish to assure our readers that--in the event we do get "Abuse-bombed" by a critic who takes umbrage to the writing here--we have precautions to not only back up the archives but to keep the community going elsewhere, if necessary. Still, though, we will want to keep a careful eye on this (including a careful eye at the "usual suspects").

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