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In the "Waiting for the fit of apoplexy from the anti-Harry Potter dominionist crowd" department...

It is probably no secret to any of you that dominionists--and especially neopentecostal dominionists--have absolutely no love lost for the Harry Potter series (as it is, the Assemblies churches that conduct Harry Potter book-burnings think C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia flirt too much with things magickal for their liking, much less the crew at Hogwart's School for Wizards).

However, I have a sense that the dominionists are now going to be weaving the anti-LGBT hate machine (a la "Watchmen On The Walls") into their Hate Of The Boy Who Lived.

You see...it appears that the dear Mrs. Rowling publically outed no less than the head of Hogwarts as being flaming in an entirely different sense than his Patronus taking form of a phoenix....

Yes, it's true. Albus Dumbledore is, canonically, about as straight as George Takei. Which is to say, he has '3:00pm--welcome new students to Hogwarts for new term, perform Sortings on new students, stare wistfully at pictures of naughty, naughty Grindenwald whilst cursing the fact he had to turn to the Dark Arts' pencilled into his Gay Agenda (tm). Slashers, start your fanfics )

In relation to dominionism, this IS definitely something we will need to keep an eye on--seriously, with media sources all over the Internet carrying this news now, I will eat my hat (not necessarily a Sorting Hat) if dominionist groups don't start challenging the Harry Potter books on the basis of Dumbledore being canonically gay. Sadly, this may expand book challenges even further as well (and, even more disturbingly, they may have a greater chance of success--there are school boards that will remove works friendly to LGBT people who will not remove works claimed to be "Satanic" for merely containing depictions of wizards in a not-burning-at-the-stake light). Those of you who do monitor the dominionist groups re propoganda may want to keep a close ear.

At least one article has noted the real possibility this could increase book challenges by dominionists against the Harry Potter series:

Rowling is likely to face criticism on another front. The news that a major character is gay, in what is likely the most popular children's book series of all time, is almost certain to inflame the author's critics in some corners of the Christian community. Indeed, the Harry Potter books have already faced frequent criticism and calls to be banned for their use of magic. No doubt those critics will only take this news as more ammunition in their fight against the books.

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Anyone else get this spam recently?

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]devilindupriest)

Nothing big, just an invite from a website called www.injesus.com from someone named Brad Reiches.

Invitation to Join GodThoughts Wired!
Brad Reiches
Oct 20, 2007

Brad Reiches has invited you to join GodThoughts Wired!.

You have 2 options to subscribe to this list:

1. You may send an email to this address:


2. Or you may click on this link to log into the group located at inJesus.com.

TO D ECLINE this invitation: Do nothing. You have not been subscribed to anything, and you will not receive any emails.

You will only receive emails from GodThoughts Wired! if you choose to accept this invitation.

Here is a Message From Brad Reiches:

Please accept this invitation to join one of the fastest growing Christian ministries in the world. GodThoughtsWired! is an inspiration/discipleship ministry serving thousands of people in 104 countries around the world.

In addition to the FREE daily email you will receive, GodThoughtsWired! provides you with FREE access to sermons, worship songs and significant discipleship resources that will greatly enhance your walk with God.

Do you desire to grow in your relationship with God? Then GodThoughtsWired! Is for you. (Please click on “view Archives” above, to review all previous GodThoughtsWired! entries).

This is kind of a first for me as far as spam goes. I don't think I've ever gotten religiously based spam before. Admittedly I have a username that's probably begging for it, but it just hasn't happened. The account that got it is my spam catcher that I use for signing up for things, so it's possible I suppose that something I signed up for recently sold my name to them. But to be honest I usually don't get much random spam that gets through the filters. So I'm kind of wondering if either, A) Someone I know signed me up for their mailers, or B) They harvested my name/email adress from livejournal.

Also, at first glace they appear to have successfully google-bombed themselves by setting up a billion @injesus.com e-mail/blog pages. I'm not sure if that was on purpose or not, but if so it's the first moderately technically savvy religious group I've seen. I'm almost afraid to go to their website directly. If it doesn't look like a mid 90's geocities site my entire worldview will have been rocked.

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