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MRFF Goes Head to Head with the Dominionists in the US Military

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]wyldraven)

MRFF Lawsuit Alleges Mandatory Christianity in US Military

[...] MRFF [Military Religious Freedom Foundation], in effect, has thrown down the gauntlet: does article VI, clause 3 of the Constitution apply here ? Or will the US courts proclaim that religious tests for office, in the US military, are Constitutional ? Article VI had better apply. It's foundational to the health our democracy - the ban on religious tests for office was embedded in the US Constitution, in part, to prevent the sort of terrible religious wars that wracked Europe following the Catholic/Protestant split of the Reformation. [...]
Read the full article (linked above) for details from Bruce Wilson's KOS diary Troutfishing. More can be read as well at the Truthout.org site where the story first broke.

Thanks to [info]sunfell for the heads up on this one.

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George W. Bush: Stealth neopentecostal?

(Warning: I do know that the title is quite possibly inflammatory, but I don't know of a good way of wording what I am about to write--and give educated speculation on--in a non-inflammatory manner. As such, I leave this in the hands of the community and the mods. Recent discoveries, in part from a commentary to Bruce Wilson's recent posts on research he and MRFF have done on dominionism in the military, have spurred me to make this a dedicated post.)

One of the big questions is why Bush isn't attending church so often for being supposedly very devout (he and Hillary Rodham Clinton are actually both (officially) members of the United Methodist Church; the UMC is in fact a moderate Christian church which has been targeted by IRD-linked steeplejackers over the past few years).

In a previous post on Dark Christianity in regards to dominionist-friendly politicians (including George W. Bush) not attending church, I noticed that there was one possibility that had not been mentioned (until I brought it up).

Namely, there is quite a lot of evidence to suggest that the very President of the United States is Methodist In Name Only, and may have been explicitly recruited--and molded as a dominionist Manchurian Candidate--by none other than the Assemblies of God.

I know I am making one hell of a statement with this--there are folks who are going to scream "tinfoil-hatter!" at this. IMHO, though, there is an awful lot of smoke to indicate possible fire here--I'm hoping, in fact, that the readers of this community can give additional info in regards to whether or not something stinks at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. If I am right in this, though, this would explain a great deal with the president's policy.

History of George W. Bush's meetings with Assemblies pastors and explicit coaching--and apparent conversion to dominionism--at their hands )

It is not just Bush's involvement with Wead that gives smoke--a great deal of the "smoke" here is in fact *after* Bush ceased to use Wead as an advisor.

Evidence of extreme favouritism towards Assemblies candidates for political office as well as explicit dominionist theology promoted even in private speeches )

I am in general a believer in the concept of "where there's smoke, there is fire, at least smoldering cinders that can catch things on fire". I do not think his claim of attendance at UMC churches is an "out", for several reasons--one of these being steeplejacking. In fact, the fact that he is not attending is more suspicious--and this is in part because of the way neopente churches, especially the Assemblies, use "cell church" and "home church" networks.

How the neopentecostal cell-church network can provide a very effective way of 'churching' and stealthing without one appearing to attend a formal church--and my own speculation on how this could affect Bush )

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