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I know Kent Hovind's been making the rounds here

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So I thought I would provide you guys with a good source on Hovind.


This is a website that is dedicated to countering his arguments, and one that can prove useful to everyone here not just against Hovind, but also against any of his droogs that happen to come along.

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Evangelical church prepared to spend on electioneering

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Anybody have any details on the Christian Life Centre? Looks like the site www.clca.org.nz redirects to www.lifelive.co.nz which looks very much like Hillsong in Australia.

The domain name is interesting. If it works the same way as Australia, the switch from a .org.nz to a .co.nz would indicate they are now classed as a registered business rather than an organisation.

Found this on Radio New Zealand News:

A member of an evangelical church says it is willing to spend more money than the Exclusive Brethren did on electioneering.

Parliament's Justice and Electoral select committee has been hearing submissions on the Electoral Finance Bill, which seeks to restrict third party spending on electioneering in an election year.

It was drafted following the Brethren's controversial $1.2 million campaign against the Labour and Green parties before the last election.

A member of the Christian Life Centre, Michael Wynd, says the bill is overly hostile toward churches, and he says the church is prepared to use its money on a campaign.

The Christian Life Centre in Auckland says it has had no discussion about electioneering, but says it has not ruled it out.
These are the same tactics that the Exclusive Brethren used last time. It looks like other extremism groups may plan to dabble in the same dodgy games.

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Unhinged Values at last night's debate


Pam Says, "It's too bad that the Values Voter Debate last night in Fort Lauderdale wasn't televised on one of the news channels. I had to bail after only about 20 minutes because the level of bible-beating moralizing and pandering -- it was nauseating. Take a look at this rewrite of God Bless America that opened the program. Insane:"

And here's the rest of it at Pam's House Blend.

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On the personal, rather than societally/politically influential, level

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God’s Jury?, from The Republic of T. Another look at how dominionism doesn't affect just courts, legislatures, and education, but how that kind of pushiness is deleterious to random other people's lives as well.
a couple of excerpts; the real 'meat' is at the original page )

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Update on Hovind DMCA SLAPPs; Damning evidence it was in public domain

An astute reader pointed out that Hovind--or Hovind supporters--have spammed multiple Usenet newsgroups promoting direct links to Hovind videos; I myself did a Google Groups search through the DejaNews archives...and let's just say it was very interesting hunting.

Very damning evidence that Hovind's work may have been effectively in the public domain as early as 1996 )

There is lots, lots, *lots* more where this came from--seriously, do a Google Groups search for "hovind video" (without the quotes).

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Daily Kos Chuckle

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]raven_oreilly) As per usual, I looked through the mail on the dining room table to see if 1. there was any for me and 2. what kind of extreme right propaganda we received in the mail for the day.

Today we got "The angry new left... Can they be stopped?" A fat envelope from "The Leadership Institute" with pictures of Michael Moore, Jane Fonda and Al Gore on the front. The very long letter (10 pages) from Morton Blackwell, President, writes a list of people my mother should get to know: Michael Moore, George Soros, Markos Moulitsas, CODEPINK, The Center for American Progress, MoveOn.org and Democracy Alliance.

Heh. I chuckled at the entry about Markos Moulitsas: "A name you may not know yet. Also known as 'Kos,' he runs a left-wing internet site called Daily Kos. His website is the most popular political site on the internet. The site averages over 400,000 visits a day (twice that of the most popular conservative website." Heeee. Good. I hope this means tons of people are reading [info]dogemperor.

The letter in general is a call to arms, of sorts, to fight back against these "angry new liberals." Naturally, they want money: under the P.S. it says, "Please -- Make your tax-deductible donation to the Leadership Institute as large as possible. Thank you. Morton."

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