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Update on Marry My Daughter site

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Here is a link to a Newsweek story on the site:


For those who were wondering, it is a hoax site.

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Kent Hovind: creationist liar and evil, evil, evil


Kent Hovind is an evil creationist liar who is currently cooling his backside in prison, convicted for evading $840,000 in taxes. That’s the good news. It’s downhill from there.

His group, Creation Science Evangelism, has been on a pogrom — a jihad, if you will — taking down YouTube videos that reveal Hovind for what he is: an evil creationist liar. This group has been sending YouTube notices of copyright infringement, claiming that the anti-Hovind videos are using copyrighted material from Hovind himself.

There’s only one small problem: Hovind has said in the past that his videos are not copyrighted! * So why would he then turn around and say they are copyrighted? Why, to illegally silence his critics, of course!

Read the rest at The BABlogger

Can't keep a good Dommie down, eh? lol

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Dominionists not going to Church?

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Through my reading online, I discovered today that apparently big name "Christians" like Bush and Fred Thompson simply don't go to church. I find this shocking because of their obvious pandering/leadingish of the Religious Reich.

So, what do people make of this? How do they get away with it? Why would Bush want to turn the US into a theocracy if he's not even really an adherent of that religion?

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Samaritan's Purse

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Hey all,

This is a request for information relating to the faith-based charity called Samaritan's Purse. What little I've found so far rings a few alarm bells, and I've just received a request from my kids' school asking for every family to contribute a present to something called "Operation Christmas Child".

According to its own history, it was founded by a missionary evangelist called Bob Pierce, who was affiliated with Youth for Christ. He handed it on to Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham.

Now, the Samaritan's Purse Australian website is awfully cagy. I could be seeing Martians here, but does anyone have any info on this organisation or the people involved, please?

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Update on Hovind DMCA SLAPPs; Hovind page whitewashed, vids *not* containing Hovind material pulled

Earlier today, Dark Christianity reported on a post in Bad Astronomy (which has also been carried in the Pharyngula blogsite) in regards to Kent Hovind now taking very Scientology-esque attempts to silencing critics--namely, filing bogus DMCA papers to Youtube in attempts to get videos critical of him removed from the website that contain material from Hovind's own videos.

The reason I state "bogus" is because there is documented proof that Kent Hovind explicitly placed the videos in question in the public domain; in fact, their own website has (revealingly) stated they cannot sell or allow people to sell the video "for any price" but encourage copying and distribution by private parties. (This has, in fact, been apparently the case since at least 2005 if not earlier; in 2003 there are online archives (available via the Wayback Machine) indicating he was actually streaming the videos via Real Media online, and in fact the earliest archive available from the Wayback Machine of Hovind's site explicitly advises people to copy upwards of thirty minutes of video for distribution (this being an archive dating from May 26, 1999).)

Apparently, Hovind's lawyers are also aware of the bogosity of their claims--among other things, previous statements to the effect that no works of Creation Science Ministries are copyrighted have been redacted from the website. (Internet Archive material has shown that the statement that the works were not copyrighted was publically available as of 2005 and is available in a later revision of the website; the claims of copyright started around October 2005 according to the Wayback Machine, but the page in regards to Creation Science Ministries had not been changed until very recently.)

A bit of legal info on why this is important )

However, it may not really matter whether the work is public domain or not. As I've noted in another thread, there are not only the issue as to whether or not the work is in the public domain but the possibility that fair use provisions may come into play.

Why it may ultimately not matter whether Hovind's tapes are public domain or not )

For those wondering what the fuss is about, Rational Responders has in fact archived all the goods on their website for viewing; they are also now organising a Mass Mirror Campaign (both across multiple Youtube accounts, encouraging people to mirror it themselves, and encouraging mirroring at *other* video sites as well) in the same spirit as people mass-mirrored the Fishman Affidavit in the days when the Scientologists were flinging cease-and-desist orders hither and yon to try to stamp out the dirty truth about that stuff with Xenu and nuking aliens in volcanoes :3 The Kent Hovind stuff is right here, and much of their work crosses into both frank parody *and* criticism :3

At least one video includes particularly damning info which narrows down the redactions to occuring sometime around or after 13 September 2007; literally sometime within the past five days or so. Another video (warning: some language NSFW including an infamous song denoting Kent Hovind as a f*cktard) has noted that Hovind's group (and in particular Hovind's son Eric Hovind) may have DMCA SLAPP-spammed Youtube (no less than ten separate DMCA requests); the video notes that DMCA requests are in fact legal documents and people who file false DMCA requests are subject to perjury penalties. Youtube account CSEMinistry seems to be the major offender, and there are videos which have been pulled that did not contain any content from Creation Science Ministries (including the "You're a F*cktard" video noted above).

There are also archives of the vids in question (that led to bans) at this website in Windows Media format. RabidApe also has archives of the MP3s from his criticism/commentary vids here (and a separate link to to the infamous song in question.

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