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doco on Four Corners

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Down Here, the best current affairs program we have is Four Corners. On Monday night, they screened a show called "Friends of God", which came to us from HBO. It was shot by Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

It had all the Usual Suspects - Joel Osteen, Ted Haggard, Ron Luce (now there's a truly dangerous individual), that comedian guy whose name constantly escapes me (I think I block it out), as well as amusing bridging sequences filmed from the car that showed some truly outrageous billboards. There was also the trip inside a household that, at first glance, looked Amish (boys in shirts and dress pants, girls in long dresses, women wearing headscarves) - until the "head" of the family started talking.

All in all, it was a brilliant doco, mostly because it let them speak for themselves, and they were not shy in giving out information. I don't know if/when it will screen in the US, but I'm hoping it will get podcast - or at least a transcript.

For those in Australia, it's being re-broadcast on ABC2 tonight at 9.30pm, and at 8.00 am on Thursday.

For those who are interested in background reading, and a possible podcast, go to Four Corners website.

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ID in the theaters

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A movie called Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed starring Ben Stein is due out February 2008. It's tag line is: "Big Science has expelled smart new ideas from the classroom. What they forgot is that every generation has its Rebel... Ben blows the horn on suppression!"

The movie is obviously another attempt to stir up the public in order to push Intelligent Design into science classes. As PZ Myers says: "... it's central theme seems to be that Big Science has excluded god from the classroom and the lab ... it's a raw demand for a violation of the separation of church and state and for the inclusion of superstitious dogma in science. That's very convenient. It'll make it easier to use the courts to keep their religious propaganda out of the classroom."

It could go that way. But then it could also generate the support from the public that the creationists want.

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This looks useful



Anybody up to seeing what domionist groups are doing to wiki?

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OK, I'll Bite

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Normally I can spot a satire a mile away but this one has me beat. Is this site for real or not?


My attention was drawn to it by this:


which I was convinced was satire but, on further reading I'm not so sure now.

In my defence, I'm very tired and almost braindead trying to hit a deadline and my critical judgement is breaking down. So, please tell me - are these people for real or what?


EDIT: It's a spoof. The giveaway is that the sites main author, TD Gaines-Crockett is one of the Ladies Of Landover


Well I'm gald thats settled. I can sleep now.

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No comment.

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