Dark Christianity
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Sharing The Love


Islamic creationist group launches glitzy, global blitz

A household name in Turkey, the 'Foundation for Scientific Research' is now distributing its books – published in 59 languages including Chinese and Swahili – to 80 countries. Go on...share it!

The infection is spreading...

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God Hates You

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Here's a wee glimpse into Fred Phelps and the Westbro Baptist Church for those of you who haven't come across them before. I'd better add a *big* warning before you look at any of this stuff - you're probably going to be shocked and horrified at their views.

In my view though, if Phelps didn't exist we might actually have to invent him. He's the greatest single argument I can think of against allowing religious crazies any kind of secular power. Can you imagine what the world would be like with this guy in control?


Cheers all.


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Battle For The Planet Of The Apes

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This guy is probably my favorite American writer - especially about American politics so I thought I'd introduce him to you all.

As this post is all about creationism, I thought it would be apt to post here.




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The Great Commission

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In a follow-up to comments on her earlier post, Sara at Orcinus looks at a (dare I say) fundamental question:

"For the past 200 years, (the American Evangelical movement have) done their level best to lead and convert by the good example of their own lives, believing that honesty, kindness, sobriety, thrift, and other virtues would give them the social capital that would make their way attractive to others. (And, to their credit, many Evangelicals still do believe this is the approach most consistent with Jesus' teachings.)

Unfortunately, as I noted in my post, this attitude has, in recent decades, been replaced with a far more militant and aggressive posture among the more fundamentalist Evangelicals. It's fair to ask: how did we get from there to here? Where did these people jump the track?"

Her take on the chronology and thought-processes is convincing - I wonder what our various walkaway (and of course other) readers think?

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