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Another great moment for Texas - creationism

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Some days I'm so proud to be Texan... sigh...

Texas schools may start teaching creationism

Gov. Rick Perry has appointed conservative Dr. Don McLeroy to head our state’s Board of Education. And the expectation is that McLeroy will lead the way into creationism in the upcoming board debate over state textbooks.

According to Kathy Miller, president of the liberal Texas Freedom Network:
Since his election in 1998, Mr. McLeroy, a Bryan dentist, has dragged the Texas State Board of Education into a series of divisive and unnecessary culture war battles:

-- He voted in 2001 to reject the only advanced placement environmental science textbook proposed for Texas high schools even though panels of experts – including one panel from Texas A&M – found the textbook was free of errors. In fact, Baylor University used the same textbook.

-- In 2003 Mr. McLeroy led efforts by creationism or “intelligent design” proponents to water down discussion of evolution in proposed new biology textbooks. He was one of only four board members who voted against biology textbooks that year that included a full scientific account of evolutionary theory.

-- In 2004, Mr. McLeroy voted to approve "abstinence-only" health textbooks that failed to include any information about responsible pregnancy and STD prevention, despite state curriculum standards requiring that students learn such information.

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possible parody site?

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I'm thinking this has got to be a parody. I mean, Baptists for Brownback???

The links to Dominionist organisations are real, but the rest looks way too over the top.

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Update on CU-Boulder death threats by Intelligent Design proponent

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Wired: Suspect Missing in Evolution Death-Threat Case

Excerpt. Click Headline for full story. )
More here: Michael Korn, Alleged Writer of Threatening Letters in Colorado, Speaks

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Must the US president believe in God?

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In the last election, President George W Bush, a born-again Christian, won the support of the vast majority of evangelicals, while his Democratic opponent John Kerry talked as little as possible about his own Catholicism.

But in the crowded field of candidates this time, it is the Democrats who are finding it easier to describe how their faith in Jesus informs their political beliefs and experience.

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