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First Post and Query

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]kittylady) I'm an Ohioan, not entirely through choice, and lately in the Summit County area there's been talk of a program called "Fugitive Safe Surrender." Supposedly, if you are a resident of the county with outstanding warrants on your record, you can go to a church during a few select days and turn yourself in for reduced sentencing; the flyer I picked up states that in return for your surrender, you will receive favorable consideration, and you are likely to go home the same day.

I checked out the church, and it's sending up some serious red flags for me.


Be sure to turn down your speakers if you click the link.

I tried to look them up in the Wiki, but either my wiki-fu is very weak, they're not as bad as I think they are, or this particular church hasn't been sniffed out yet. Does anyone know anything about them?

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1 in 5 Americans believe Sun revolves around the Earth


From Raw Dogma

A light bulb appears over my head.

I finally get it.

For the democratic process to run properly it necessitates the voter to have some knowledge of what he is voting on.

For it to work properly it requires voters to cast their votes based on an educated opinion. )

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Community Theme


Since Live Journal has created a way to encapsulate our purpose in a single sentence, I've decided to put the following descriptive sentence on our front page:

Theme: A critical and intelligent examination of Dominionist Christianity and its close kin.

Thanks to [info]wyldraven for the heads-up.

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"Christian Exodus" Interrputus

For some time now, there's been publicity over a small but rather well publicised push for the ultimate in steeplejacks--a group called "Christian Exodus" who plans to have dominionists invade South Carolina en masse in the hopes of getting enough of a "critical mass" to secede from the United States and become an independent theocracy. (Perhaps they either failed to pay attention in U.S. History as to how well South Carolina's last secessionist government fared--or perhaps they've been swayed too much by neo-Confederate groups who promote "The South Shall Rise Again" as a neo-secessionist movement. The neoconfederate League of the South ditched some of their pushes for South Carolina secession when "Christian Exodus" made their announcement, the leader of Christian Exodus is himself part of the neo-Confederate movement, and the group supports the Constitution Party to such an extent I'd be shocked if they weren't getting ideas from some of the "Christian Patriot" and more racist neo-Confederate groups.)

Needless to say, the fine people of South Carolina have largely not been terribly happy about this; news released today indicates one of these Not Happy People includes a prospective employer of Cory Burnell--ironically placing him as being unable to move to the very state he was proposing half the dominionists in the US move to:

Addendum to Guides for Living: Do not let your employers get wind of the kook-job Christian Reconstructionist secessionist group that you operate when they are performing the background check to decide whether or not to employ you. This can potentially be even worse than your naughty pictures on Myspace )

Nice to know some employers are still doing due diligence :3

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The "Traditional Values Coalition"

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]raven_oreilly) My parents are on vacation and I have had the freedom of the whole house to myself. While cleaning up and such, one of the tasks has been to get rid of the mountains of mail on the dining room table my dad never has really gone through. Mom asked me to go through it and get rid of it as much as possible, sooooo... while doing this, I found an opened letter and a survey (though not yet filled out) from the "Traditional Values Coalition".

"2007 Congressional and Legislative Research Survey Concerning the Family and Moral Values in America"

Sent by: Reverend Louis P. Sheldon, Founder and Chairman of the Coalition

There's a list of all the names of people who are on the "Congressional Advisory Committee" and the letter is 2 pages, front and back where it mentions a donation of "100, 250, 500, 1,000, or more" at least 4 times (once in the post script).

"The purpose of this survey is to show our nation's leaders that despite the 2006 election results Americans are becoming increasingly upset and angry at the ongoing war against the family and traditional morality being waged by liberals in our educational institutions, in the media, in the government, and in almost every area of life."

Also included in the P.S., "please don't spend too much time thinking and rethinking your survey answers. The results will be more accurate if you give your first initial, instinctive response to each question."

This sent off a few little red flags in my head. Again, I'm not that familiar yet (still learning) about Dominionist stuff and was wondering if this was simply a bunch of Christians wanting to promote their beliefs or something more stealthy/allied with Dominionist-like groups.

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