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Blog Against Theocracy (more additions?)

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I posted mine yesterday morning to Blogspot (listed) and then to LJ:



(The former account's where I post my most political/scholarly/controversial articles, but my friends know the second better so far as actually posting replies.)

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Dominionist businesses, Fairness, and the right to work

Dominionist businesses have been a hot topic both in Dark Christianity and on the Wiki lately; in relation to the continuing thread is a court case in New York State where dominionist business practices clash against an existing Fairness ordinance:

Dominionist has Bible classes at work and harangues against LGBT people. Employee notes 'Hey, my *daughter* is gay and so am I'. Employee is promptly fired by dominionist boss after being told that he and his kid are both gonna burn in Hellfire(tm). Employee sues under state Fairness Ordinance. Dominionist boss attempts to stonewall legal discovery process claiming 'Help, help, I'm being repressed!' Courts are decidedly not amused. )

Of note, New York State is one of the few places where such discrimination IS illegal--it's one of 17 states (and several major metropolises) that have "Fairness Ordinances" that explicitly prohibit employees from being fired or discriminated against based on perceived sexual orientation. (Of note, practically all Fairness ordinances explicitly exempt churches and church-owned industries.)

This is also one of the clearest examples of the risks of working for, or supporting, dominionist businesses. Were it not for NY State's Fairness law, the employee in question would literally be SOL--and in many states where there are not Fairness ordinances in place, this is (sadly) the case. (This is also one major reason why dominionists are fighting expansion of "hate crimes" laws against LGBT people--they fear this is the first step towards a national "Fairness Law" that includes LGBT people as a class protected against discrimination, meaning that groups that do discriminate against LGBT people could no longer receive federal tax dollars, dominionist colleges could no longer participate in federal loan and grant programs, etc.)

The evidence is pretty damning that the person was fired solely for being LGBT and due to his boss's dominionist beliefs.

EDIT: New Wiki entry here; much more info on the case from a legal perspective is available courtesy Prof. Arthur S. Leonard of the New York Law School. (Get a load of the dominionist flames re the "Gay Agenda" in the comments.)

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Blog Against Theocracy


~My efforts in Blog Against Theocracy were full of fail: an apocalyptic cat macro and a couple of YouTubes of Robin Williams 'telling Bible stories'. [no links..they're public however]

But I found that [info]bradhicks did a pretty good job, so here are his Blog against Religion of Rule and Blog Against Government Establishment of Religion, or, I Like Lemon, Sherbert.


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