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Hope City Church, UK

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One of the biggest churches in the North of England is based in my 'alma mater town' of Sheffield, with branches all over The North. It's known as Hope City church, and meets in a heavily-converted former factory. I was never a member, but several of my 'corridor mates' from first-year University accomodation were.

Over the course of time I've seen various bits of Dominionist-sounding theology emerging from it, or mentioned in reports (something about refinancing your home to give money to the church - and at least one heavily-publicised visit from "A famous American healer" whose name escapes me)

However, I've investigated a couple of iterations of their website, and have not been able to uncover any overt Dominionist links (no obvious codewords, links to Assemblies front groups, or other tell-tale signs), so I thought I'd mention it here, to see if [info]dogemperor or someone else could succeed where I've failed, or spot something I've missed.

The current website is here

EDIT: OK, I admit, my Google-Fu was weak, here. Question answered, suspicions confirmed. Thanks for the help, everyone!

EDIT2: Tagged. Can I request a new set of 'national tags' for non-USA based Dominionist activity

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ACLU challenges bible class in Odessa TX

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I don't recall seeing this posted recently (am I overlooking it, or is there a search feature?), so I hope this isn't a repeat. My apologies, if so.

Link to story

(7/03/07 - ODESSA, TX) - Attorneys representing the Ector County Independent School District said in a motion filed in federal court Monday that school officials believe a Bible course being taught as an elective has been presented and taught appropriately.

The American Civil Liberties Union and People for the American Way Foundation sued the Odessa-area district in May, asking it to stop teaching the course. The lawsuit on behalf of eight parents said the course violated individual religious rights.

The Ector school board approved the high school course by a 4-2 vote in 2005.
"Their claims are wrong," said Kelly Shackelford, chief counsel for the Liberty Legal Institute. "The allegations are invalid."


The Bible course teaches the King James version of the sacred text using material produced by the Greensboro, N.C.-based National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools. The course uses the Bible as the students' textbook.
The National Council said its curriculum is used in hundreds of school districts, including more than 50 in Texas.

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