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Christian Reconstructionists Are Trying to Take Dominion in America -- and They Have Powerful Friend


A recent conference held by American Vision, a radical ministry that toils away to 'help Christians build a truly Biblical worldview,' displayed the growing organization of the dangerous Reconstructionist movement. )

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Speaking of Hobby Lobby and Assemblies frontgroups...

We've had quite a lot of threads on the subject of dominionist front companies and corporate funding of dominionism, including at least two involving Hobby Lobby:

Thread the First
Thread the Second

In both threads, there's also been discussion over Assemblies of God-linked groups setting up front companies as well (in particular, Hillsong AoG in Australia which recently "steeplejacked" Gloria Jean Coffee's non-US operations).

In an effort to update the Dark Christianity Wiki (and in particular, adding a formal entry on Hobby Lobby and its relationships with dominionist groups...well, let's just say I found some major bombshells which should permanently blow the whole "Hobby Lobby? Dominionist? NO WAI" stuff out of the water.

Stuff like, oh, a very real possibility that Hobby Lobby itself is connected with the Assemblies--the very denomination that birthed dominionism in the first place.

Every time you buy from Hobby Lobby, you are putting money in the coffers of the Assemblies of God. YA RLY )

As if you didn't need any more reasons not to shop at Hobby Lobby...

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This is the first I've heard of this...


And I must say that I don't think this gentleman has a leg to stand on. If he knew going in that he had to answer every question, and knew going in that gay marriage is legal in Massachusetts, why is he complaining? What next, refusing to answer a question about real estate law because he doesn't have a house?

Methinks I smell a backdoor challenge to the law yet again....

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