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Some good news, for a change.

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I know this community is mostly for the worst Christianity has to offer, but here's something that I think is really, really cool, since it shows that Christianity doesn't have to equate to dominionism, that some people are standing up for truth and inclusion at great personal cost to themselves, and shows how absolutely personal everything we deal with here can be, and how that change could be happening on the personal and local level.

http://tinyurl.com/2b4t3p A former dominionist/fundamentalist evangelist has decided to stop condemning LGBTQ people and has, in effect, walked away from the ideas of dominionism. Link directs to a video news story about him on CNN.

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Blog Against Theocracy

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Blue Gal says "Let's do it again."

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There's more about the first blogswarm at the site. If you aren't familiar with it, go there to read more.

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I wonder if there's something in the air...


Former Ex-Gay Ministers Apologize. Apparently, three leaders from Exodus International have apologized for the things they preached and did with group. The article is thin but the news is certainly good.

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Barry Lynn of AU responds to that PBS Special

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‘Wall Of Separation’: A Carefully Constructed Edifice Of Misinformation

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"Is your doctor playing judge?"

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I found an excellent article about the growing use of "conscience clauses" by doctors in order to refuse women reproductive care. I find it disturbing as it seems to be a growing war on women, and is certainly perpetuated by the Dominionists.

Read it, and shudder.

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First real post here, but a question

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I was wondering, does anyone have any information about Worldview Academy? They were at our local college campus recently. I was checking their website and they strike me as rather frightening. The language used on their page raises red flags to me, combined with the fact that a camp that is less than one week long costs nearly six hundred dollars a person. This could be pure overreaction on my part.

http://www.worldview.org/ is their site.

"Video interviews with Atheists, New Agers, and Humanists are used to illustrate the logical pitfalls of worldly thinking.", "suggests methods for positively impacting pop culture by using things "common to their culture" to help others see the truth of Christianity.", and "An in-depth tour through a local zoo to examine the evidences of creation through design, form, and order in nature. A fascinating look at the improbability of chance in the creation of the animal kingdom." are some of the quotes from their page describing their camp while their various programs in the curriculum include titles such as "What Kind of Monster Are You?" and " Generals in the War of Ideas".

If this was discussed elsewhere, please point me to it and I will remove this. I tried searching but couldn't find it, though I may have just overlooked it.

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