Dark Christianity
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Hey all,

My daughter used to be involved with this group - up until about 6 months ago, when she broke with them entirely and became a pagan. Now she's been getting all sorts of harassment via IM, SMS, and face to face at school.

From the brief read I've seen of their website, they look very Dominionist. Does anyone have any information on them, please - and do they tend to go in for (I don't know if there's a term for it) converting a church from within?

Appreciate any info on this.

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Religious fanatics versus mere believers


        Below is a link to a post dealing with the dangers of fundamentalists. While it speaks directly of Muislim fundies,  I feel the same warnings apply to Dominionist Christians here in the US.


The last paragraph is the real point of the article, I suspect. And this is a point that definably being missed by the "liberal" Christians vis-a-vis the "fundigelicals."


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The Muslims are the problem

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I know we're basically "Dark Christian" but I always see it as a discussion of those who are fundamentalists.

In this case I give you http://www.religionnewsblog.com/18544/muslims-are-the-problem

I think the writer has very good points.

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