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dogemperor [userpic]
local talk radio


I live in Nashville, and recently one of the local talk radio stations dropped an older talkhost (don't know who) in favour of a 'local' named, I believe, Michael DiGiorno DelGiorno. My partner listens to this station on a regular basis, and comes home grumbling about this guy every time. Apparently he's at best a fundie of the worst kind, and given yesterday's rant, may be a Dominionist. My partner reports that this DiGiorno DelGiorno has been run out of two towns already.

([paraphrased slightly] "The laws of all the countries of the world are based on the Ten Commantments.")

Does anyone know anything about this guy?

Edit: Hayguys, I know he's a prick; I trust my partner's taste and I did the Google. What I want to know is if he's the kind of prick we watch for here.

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