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Majority of Republicans Doubt Theory of Evolution

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There is a new Gallup poll on American's belief in the evolution. Some of the results are not too surprising. 68% of Republicans don't believe in evolution as opposed to 37% of independents and 40% of Democrats. 74% of people that attend Church weekly don't believe in evolution as opposed to only 26% of those that seldom or never attend.

Other results are surprising. My favorite is that 24% of the people believe that both the theories of evolution and creationism are both true. They simultaneously believe that man evolved over millions of years and was created by God in the last 10,000 years. There are a lot of really confused people out there.

Follow the link to the complete poll results: Majority of Republicans Doubt Theory of Evolution

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A small point, but one that keeps tripping me up...

I've noticed a term being used for Dominionists in some posts - 'doms'.
The problem with this is the term already has a quite different meaning - that of Dominant in the BDSM community. Since the group takes pains to avoid insult and show respect to all members (and I know that several DC members are part of that community), I think it would be a good idea to find an alternative term.

My suggestion - 'Dominos'. Apt since they are small, dark, straight-edged and we hope to topple them...

If someone can come up with a better word, that would be fine.
(I'm fine with 'Dommies' instead, for example.)

Disclaimer - yes, I do happen to be a Dominant. I have a problem with the word being used to describe people whose attitude to others' rights, sexual and otherwise, is pretty much the opposite of 'safe, sane and consensual'. It's about as annoying to me as I imagine calling Dominionists 'Christians' is to those of that faith... and yes, I *do* consider BDSM as part of my spiritual practice!

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Europe’s Christian Comeback


I'm posting this here because A) it provides some wider context to what we're doing and B) some of the things said about 'Christian revivalism' set off a few alarm bells.

Alarmist pundits prophesy that a secular Europe risks being overcome by its fast-growing Muslim population. Yet for all we hear about Islam, Europe remains a stronger Christian fortress than people realize.

From Foreign Policy
June 2007
By Philip Jenkins

The West is awash with fear of the Islamization of Europe. The rise of Islam, many warn, could transform the continent into “Eurabia,” a term popularized by Harvard historian Niall Ferguson and other pundits. “A youthful Muslim society to the south and east of the Mediterranean is poised to colonize—the term is not too strong—a senescent Europe,” Ferguson has predicted. Such grim prophecies may sell books, but they ignore reality. For all we hear about Islam, Europe remains a stronger Christian fortress than people realize. What’s more, it is showing little sign of giving ground to Islam or any other faith for that matter.

To be fair, the trend is counterintuitive... )

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