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Dangers of theophostic/deliverance counselors?

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(note: I'm making this post as a kind of looking for more information on this topic as well as for sharing what little I have. It's intended as more of a collaborative discussion-opening than a definitive post. If someone has more links, especially to actual content from ministries involved or to anything else my OP here seems deficient in providing, please post and I'll edit this post to link your comment.)

After reading [info]dogemperor's posts on theophostic counseling and its similarities to Scientology, having looked back on some of the encounters with just the "milder" side of deliverance ministry I believed in as a fundamentalist teenager(1), and having researched dissociative identity disorders somewhat, I'm becoming gravely concerned with a potential side effect of deliverance ministries and/or theophostic counseling and/or anything within the religious right/dominionism that wishes to "split" parts of someone's humanity or personality even out of a goal of eradicating "bad" behaviors.

Is the obsession with deliverance self-fulfilling? )

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I was scanning DailyKos today, and stumbled upon a rather disturbing diary. The referenced article in Talk To Action is a bit better, so I'll link it here.

In short, PBS will soon air a documentary claiming that the Founding Fathers didn't intend a two way separation between Church and State.

As a history major and former wannabe history teacher, I find this false history to be so offensive and disturbing that I feel honestly, physically ill. I don't think I can comment coherently beyond that.

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