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Is this more LJ censorship?

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]fragiletender)

Although this isn't directly related to Dominionism please bear with me because I think it is relevant to us. If the mods don't feel it belongs here then feel free to delete but I wanted to get the news out and thought folks might be interested.

The Russian LJ-ers are currently complaining in LJ News that they are being censored (they fear by the KGB or similar government areas). As I understand it, they can't post the letters d-p-n-i without dashes.

The censorship of Russian LJ-ers is interesting enough and something that should obviously be addressed if true but what really interests me is that this may not be confined to the 'Russian area' of LJ but may be across the whole of LJ. I just tried a little test. I attempted to post the letters d-p-n-i in my journal. It failed twice, I got an LJ StreamError_1_54 message. I immediately tried with the word 'test', which posted instantly. I also attempted to post the disputed letters in LJ News without the dashes and it wouldn't post there either. I had to close my window, cut and paste and add the dashes in to be able to post my comment.

I know the site has been buggy as hell for days so I'd like a bit more data on this - does anyone else want to test this one out? Maybe it's a momentary glitch, maybe it is actual censorship. If it is censorship then it's definitely not confined to Russia as I'm in England and I already know of one America user, another Brit and someone in Switzerland who couldn't post the disputed letters either.

D-P-N-I or The Movement Against Illegal Immigration is a nasty far right wing anti-immigration movement in Russia. While The Movement Against Illegal Immigration (see Wikipedia for more info) is certainly not a political party that I would in any way support, I would like to know if it's an example of something else that it's banned in the New Improved LJ TM.

This is breaking news people, please help me test this and pass it on. I've already asked the Russian LJ-ers for more news.

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Further links between dominionism and the "Texas Fred Complex"

(Dear mods: As I understand it, holy hell seems to have broken out on the weekend I was away from most Internet access. I also understand there is a moratorium on most WfI discussion in general; there is also, supposedly, the option to remove aforementioned moratorium if further info on connections with dominionism are found. The only reason this is being posted at all is due to further evidence of connections to Christian Reconstructionist groups with the "parent site" of most of the webrings that WfI's owner is a member of; if this is considered in violation of the moratorium, I will not object to its removal.)

Approximately a week ago, I had posted info in regards to a group responsible for mass shutdowns of multiple Internet forums (which caused a great deal of collateral damage; by their own claims, they had previously targeted blogspot.com). Since that news is pretty much all over the Internet now, I won't repeat it. Six Apart seems to have recognised that (to quote "Groo") Groo Has Erred, and are now at least appearing to make things right.

What does interest me, however, is that there may be more evidence that the "parent groups" behind Warriors for Innocence--specifically an unknown individual only known as "Texas Fred" and a large number of sites that he has associations with (WfI is just one of these sites)--who may be the ultimate "ringleader" here is himself a dominionist and specifically a Christian Reconstructionist.

I had reported earlier on a large number of links found with not only the neo-Confederate and "Christian Patriot" movements but also Christian Reconstructionism promotion itself by WfI's admin; on hitting Texas Fred's own website there was a little gem literally decrying groups reporting against Christian Reconstructionism and dominionism:
the text, in case the site takes it down )
Now, the specific link they are ranting about is a report from Bill Berkowitz in regards to dominionist political activities in 2005 in Ohio; it's actually very well documented that (among others) two particular dominionist churches (World Harvest Church, a neopente "Joel's Army" congregation which is an Assemblies-descendant group (for you new folks here, the Assemblies are a denomination that largely invented dominionism and whose various "daughter churches" (including International Foursquare, New Life Church in Colorado Springs, World Harvest, Calvary Chapel (via Foursquare), Vineyard (via Calvary Chapel), and (most infamously) Christian Identity (via Foursquare and a specific racist interpretation of "Serpent Seed" theology generally common in these groups) are even more extreme; the now-defunct (due to mass suicide) "People's Temple" was also an Assemblies "daughter denomination" and originally an Assemblies congregation proper) as well as Fairfield Christian Church (one of several churches that call themselves "Christian churches" but are de facto neopentecostal congregations)) engaged in illegal electioneering (in fact, to the extent that practically every mainstream faith group in the city of Columbus jointly filed a complaint to the IRS regarding illegal electioneering by World Harvest and Fairfield). In fact, World Harvest Church is the center of a wide-ranging, national movement to have dominionist churches openly flout laws regarding illegal electioneering.

It's also quite well documented--even among dominionist groups themselves--that the Republican Party was in fact targeted as early as the 1960s for a mass hijack by dominionists (who felt that the Party of Lincoln was not being conservative enough); in fact, the initial plans for hijacks of the GOP were largely done by some of the major leaders in the dominionist community today (including some of the architects for the hijacking of the SBC, the late Jerry Falwell, many of the "shepherding and discipling"/"cell church" folks in the Assemblies and FGBMFI in particular, etc.).

Well, at least they're being honest in their statements that they apparently think all non-dominionists are practicing "unholy perversions" and "defaming the Christian lifestyle and teachings in America". (There are quite a few members who would state that it's the dominionists engaging in "unholy perversions" and defaming of Christianity, but that's neither here nor there.)

It's just...shall we say...*very* interesting that this little rant was posted up at around the same time that Sue's blog went offline and the story regarding the Texas Fred Collective's links to...shall we say...decidedly unsavoury groups came out. Thanks for the confirmation; we know whom to keep an extra eye on :3

(Reminder to commentors--keep things civil. I don't want Sunfell to have to do an imitation of a canid dominance display (which, for those unaware, involves much growling, biting, yipping, etc.) because anyone misbehaved :3 Also, let's keep things on topic in regards to dominionist connections in general, not the local Troll In Dominionist Drag or anything else like that.)

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