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Mom blames Satan for burning baby in microwave


        While the story below is not specifically Dominionist, it demonstrates that those "called by God" can be very unbalanced people. If this is off-topic here, please delete it.

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Military backs away from evangelical event


Maybe our voices are finally being heard. Americans United reports that the Army and the US Air Force have decided not to participate in a 3-day evangelical event in Georgia this weekend.

The Washington Post also has details about this event:

After complaints by a government watchdog group, the Air Force and the Army partially [emphasis mine] distanced themselves yesterday from a three-day evangelical Christian event this weekend at a Georgia theme park.

The Memorial Day weekend "Salute to the Troops" celebration at Stone Mountain Park is sponsored by Task Force Patriot USA, a private group that says its purpose is "sharing the fullness of life in Jesus Christ with all U.S. military, military veterans and families," and whose Web site says "Christ is our Commander-in-Chief."

Huh? I thought that Dubya was the 'commander guy'. But wait, there's more! )

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Who Is Your Savior? (Regeneration Remix)

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Here's even the follow up from the other day......


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