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After Falwell, evangelicals at crossroads

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From the article:

With members of an older generation of evangelical leaders, including the Rev. Billy Graham, the Rev. Pat Robertson, psychologist James C. Dobson and the Rev. D. James Kennedy, ailing or nearing retirement, Page is one of many pastors and political activists tugging conservative Christians in various directions.

Others include the Rev. Rick Warren and the Rev. William Hybels, megachurch pastors who are championing the fight against AIDS in Africa. David Barton, head of a Texas-based group called WallBuilders, stumps the nation decrying the "myth" that the Constitution requires separation of church and state. The Rev. Joel Hunter of Orlando urges evangelicals to see climate change as a serious religious issue, because "our first order in the Garden was to take care of the Earth."


There is no single leader who stands astride the movement as Falwell once did. Nor has a 2008 presidential contender emerged to galvanize the ranks. A generation gap is emerging between younger and older evangelicals on subjects such as homosexuality. And a sometimes bitter debate is pitting evangelicals who want to keep their political activity tightly focused on a few issues, such as abortion and same-sex marriage, against those who want to embrace a broader agenda, including climate change and global poverty.

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Found this amusing and felt like sharing.

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Religious Right terrorist arrested near Falwell's funeral

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Campbell County authorities arrested a Liberty University student for having several homemade bombs in his car.

The student, 19-year-old Mark D. Uhl of Amissville, Va., reportedly told authorities that he was making the bombs to stop protesters from disrupting the funeral service.
Seriously, this kid is an indication of how dangerous the rhetoric of the religious right really is. This religious right terrorist wasn't just some nutjob in some far away land, he was one of Jerry's kids. And he was apparently ready to kill for Falwell and his message of intolerance. Who else is willing to kill for the religious right hate speech?

Its interesting how ABC caught this story and is properly showing how crazy the Religious Reich are. But I'm having doubts, I have a nasty suspicion that this jerkwad is going to slip through the legal system and not got to jail, but instead somehow winds up in a asylum and then is released early because he's a good Christian.

I think I'll be keeping an eye on this psycho and maybe law enforcement should begin to investigate his friends to see if there are anymore "special people" like him at Liberty. If they're lucky they can catch a few future abortion clinic bombers before they get out into the general public.

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It must be seen to be believed....

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I'm not sure why this man is even considered a serious contender for the Republican nomination, given the quality of supporters he attracts. Then again, given that he's one of the three candidates who openly admitted to rejecting science, I shouldn't be too surprised. Only saddened that he believes his view is not out of the mainstream in America.

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