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Dobson, Armageddon and our Government


Atlantic Online has the transcript of an interview between James Dobson and Joel C. Rosenberg concerning nuclear conflict and Armageddon. The scariest part, I think, is at the end:

Rosenberg:...And given the events going on in our world today, people at the Pentagon, people at the CIA, people at the White House are asking to sit down and talk about these issues, to understand the Biblical perspective, because it is uncanny what is happening out there and it deserves some study.

Dobson: Joel, you are doing a great work. What you just mentioned of people in the Pentagon and the CIA are asking you for interepretations of what you see that allowed you to write these books. I think that's done by divine inspiration. And I appreciate it.

Assuming Rosenberg isn't just talking out of his backside, the idea that people in the Pentagon/CIA are discussing foreign policy with someone who believes that nuclear war is God-ordained is frankly terrifying.

The entire article, in case the Atlantic link doesn't work )

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The truth about Falwell

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First found over on [info]americablog. I'm appalled to hear that Falwell is being compared to the likes of Princess Diana, Mother Theresa and other true saints and notables of our time. The man was a huckster and fraud. Anyone can call themselves Reverend. That doesn't mean we should automatically revere them for it.

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What was once satirized...is now realized?

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Snagged from[info]atheism


From Faux news of all places!

Report: Hong Kong Authorities Ponder Labeling Bible 'Indecent'

If the Bible is labeled indecent in Hong Kong, people over the age of 18 will be the only ones able to purchase the book, and it would have to be sold with a warning label wrapped around the book

My comments: 

Ok, part of me wants to say this is sick joke and just a way of the Fundies/Dominionists to make Christians view the Chineses as a bunch of heathens who hate the Bible and Christianity.  

The other part is "Wow!  People are finally gets it about reading the Bible is the best way to make someone an atheists or at least be a better skeptics in regards to Bibical interpetation by clerical leadership."  

With the fact I've been to Hong Kong and seen their version of censorship; its pretty tame compaired to say Singapore. I kinda believe this is a legit article  and with enough complaints public policy is often changed for the better.....

However, I can see a backlash by the Religious Reich happen and then they start sending over even more Stealth Missionaries like they do in mainland China (Current TV happened to document it in the past). 

As of late the Chinese government  is/are thinking about jailing Christian Missionaries(who break state laws) and possible public executions (without legal recourse).  


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Dobson filling in for Falwell

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CNN: Christian right leader (Dobson) writes off Giuliani

Excerpt. Click Headline for full story. )
This looks like a rather forceful rejection of Giuliani. "I cannot, and will not, vote for Rudy Giuliani in 2008. It is an irrevocable decision." Of course, he said he was writing as "a private citizen and not on behalf of any organization or party." It's Giuliani's support of a woman's right to choose that has apparently made Rudy an anathema to Dobson. Of course, his three marriages haven't helped this situation either.

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