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Kicking off the blogswarm


This weekend will be a busy one for me: I am going to join a 'blogswarm'. I've never done anything like this before- this will be my first. It probably won't be my last.

This particular blogswarm is dedicated to maintaining the separation between church and state- a separation that is eroding more rapidly than the ice caps in the Arctic. Theocratic elements are creeping into once-verboten territory, and little by little, law by law, executive order by recess appointment, our democracy is eroding into a theocracy. It is specifically, aggressively Christian, extremely conservative, and intolerant of any liberal or inclusive interpretation of the faith. But if you examine it closely, you'll discover that Christianity is just the veneer. What lies beneath is much worse.

Blog Against Theocracy is meant to draw attention to this issue, by getting all sorts of folks- folks like you and me and various communities- to discuss this subject in a rational and educational manner. There is plenty of material out there to consider- like the steady and deliberate erosion of womens' reproductive rights, the legislative reduction of GLBT people to second-class citizens, the battle in our classrooms against the teaching of sound science and the introduction of 'critical analysis' of evolutionary biology (another sheepskin for "intelligent design"), the ongoing attacks and takeovers of mainstream congregations by organizations who want to pillage their congregations and funds (like the Institute on Religion and Democracy is doing, one mainline church at a time), the seeding of religious vanguards in the government (Monica Goodling) and the taxpayer's funding of religious organizations (Faith-Based Initiative).

We cannot survive as a nation if we become a theocracy of any sort. Our nation was founded to escape this kind of thing. Our forefathers lived in theocracies and fought to keep that from happening here- including surrendering their theocratic colonial constitutions in order to create our Union. They saw first hand how theocracy can harm people. They would roll in their graves if they saw how far we've backslid towards that which they worked so hard to escape.

We cannot allow any sort of theocracy to take power. We must stand up and push back and stem this rising tide. We can- and must- keep that wall separating church and state high and strong. Or else, we will find ourselves on the wrong side of it.

So, this is my small contribution. So was the creation of this community. I've been watching the political wolves in sheeps clothing hijack a faith and turn it to their own ends. They have turned the word "Christian" into a perjorative in the minds of those who have felt the lash of hatred and intolerance from those who use Christianity as a ruse. I've been studying them and warning about it for over 25 years. I've been called an alarmist, intolerant, even crazy for predicting things that have come to fruition in the last seven years. No one is calling me crazy now. Now, they're saying, "Why didn't you say something? Why didn't you warn us?"

I did. No one listened. They're listening now- and acting to stem the theocratic tide. I am glad.

I want to see Christians of good will take back their faith from the political wolves. I want to see them reclaim their good name and good works. I want to see them turn the tide of theocracy and return this country to the tolerant, but secular and inclusive place it should be. There should be room for "Jesus Saves" along with "Hail Eris" and "Salaam", "Shalom", "'Sup, do0d?" and "Bah, Humbug!". A religious monoculture is rarely healthy. It festers into paranoia, hatred, exclusion, jackbooted thugs posing as religious police, prison camps, and lots of dead people in a dying country.

Let's open eyes and minds this weekend.

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Waging War on the Constitution


This AlterNet article talks about the legal corrosion of the wall separating church and state:Excerpt inside... )

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BBC Sun Myung Moon Documentary


"Emperor Of The Universe"

~[info]sunfell's post below, the AlterNet article on Dominionist legal warfare, prompted me to ask, "I wonder how much cash Sun Myung Moon is giving to this effort?" So, off to Google I went...and found the above.

~I know these people. I had personal dealings with them back in 1970/71. These are the real 'terrorist sleeper cells'. I have said 'we are at war' here and elsewhere many times. Here is the core of the invading army.

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She's 'Big Buds' With Monica Goodling...


"MINNEAPOLIS -- It’s a major shakeup at the offices of new U.S. Attorney Rachel Paulose.

Four of her top staff voluntarily demoted themselves Thursday, fed up with Paulose, who, after just months on the job, has earned a reputation for quoting Bible verses and dressing down underlings...

Paulose was appointed before the 8 U.S. Attorneys were given their pink slips, but she has deep connections to the scandal.

She was a special assistant to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, worked as a senior counsel for deputy attorney general Paul McNulty and is best buds with Monica Goodling – the assistant U.S. Attorney who recently took the Fifth rather than testify before Congress..." -Fox9 News/Twin Cities

http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/013470.php <- More here!

~Ain't they supposed to be home making babies for Jesus?

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Why Fight Theocracy?


What is theocracy? And why is it important to resist it as a means of governance?

Wikipedia has an extensive entry about the subject, along with some good definitions and examples of governments with theocratic elements.

But essentially, a theocracy is a form of government that derives its power from God- through either an individual acting in proxy (rare), or from a religious institution and its interpretations of Scripture (more common).

Bottom line: the rule of law, created through lots of trial(s) and error, revision, refinement and upgrades, is replaced with the rule of Scripture (which is a stand-in for God), interpreted by a (self) chosen few. Edited to spare Friends Lists )

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Gonzales aide in firings controversy resigns


..just in time for Blog Against Theocracy Weekend..lol

Goodling said she would invoke 5th Amendment if called before Congress )

~I'll wager this is related to the whole brawl in Minneapolis.

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