Dark Christianity
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Video expose


Talk To Action, a group also dedicated to exposing and counteracting the extreme Christian Right, has an article about a video exposing the Institute for Religion and Democracy, a group dedicated to taking over the United Methodist Church (and other mainline denominations) and turning them into Dominionist congregations.

This website has more info about this problem, and there are a series of articles about the IRD and its takeovers of congregations at Talk To Action.

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For the Christian Right, Gay-Hating Is Just the Start


~As the Christian right works hard to make gays and lesbians second-class citizens, society needs to make a stand -- or else the same tactics will soon be used against other "social deviants."

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Book Recommendation

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Lenny Flank, Jr., who runs the "DebunkCreation" Yahoo group (and similarly named website) has just published a book entitled Deception by Design: The Intelligent Design Movement in America. This book focuses on the creationism/ID movement in this country, but rather than a scientific debunking, he focuses on the political motives behind the movement, namely, as a wedge by the Domionists/Christian Reconstructionists to infiltrate the schools as part of their wider theocratic goals. The infamous "Wedge Document" that was leaked from the CRSC is also included.

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