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Letter to the Editor: Freedom of Religion

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]navytron89) Appearently this letter got posted up in Alaska by Ms. Alice Shannon (such a nice Christian lady there).

 It seems to me that Ms. Shannon failed her history class or is at least very uneducated in the history of America. 

1.  First off this coutry was founded on freedom of and from state sponsored religion as it was an excuse for the (English) government to inflict their views (religious and other) on the public masses. Our founding fathers made sure this blatant abuse of power was removed from the Consitiution to protect its citizenry from tyrants who would use religion as a rallying point to control the masses again. Unfortunately this problem keeps coming back as the Religious Reich are like cockroaches, they only scurry away when the light of truth is shown upon their dark hearts. Then when the light fades away they multiply and come back  enmass, and there aren't any good exterminators around to finally remove any trace of them.

2.  The reason our currency says"In God we Trust" was added to the coinage around 1861, the Secretary of Tresury was pressured by local religious groups to add it to the US coinage as part of a way to unite America. It disappeared from the coins around 1880s, and only reappeared after 1938 prior to the begining of WWII as part of Americans being united against the Orginial Axis of Evil. 

3. In our Pledge of Allegiance which uses "Under God" was not inacted til after 1954 mainly by religious asshats forcing their bills into Congress and backdooring their ideology into America people via the Communist scare as well as making the President view it as a patriotic action.  Which is ironic as those who fought against fascism, then embraced a new form of it that was to fight against Communism (a misnomer that should have been Marxism/Stalinism as true a Communistic society has been proven to be a more productive society).

4. History has shown that religion is the greatest excuse for violence and has lead to more death and wars than any natural disaster that has ever happened. 

Unfortunately its people like Ms. Shannon are the reason why most atheists despise/hate organized (Christian) religion in the first place, they always talk about loving thy neighbor and turning the other cheek instead she shows how much a narrow minded hypocritical jerk she is. Where as Eastern Faiths tend to be more secular and tolerant of others.

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In case you live anywhere near Lexington....


You might want to be aware of this upcoming event cleverly beginning on the old date for Patriots' Day.


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