Dark Christianity
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Christocrats build power in the military


~I was surfing on a related subject and found this page on Dommie infiltration into the US military at Jewsonfirst.org. A number of these issues have been discussed here, but this is a serious 'clearing house' site on the subject...and other related issues Check it out.

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Biblical Fundamentalism and Big Business


I've found the connection between Biblical fundamentalism and "big business" to both puzzling and informative. Putting aside the fundamentalist beliefs, one would think that the Christian faith would be mystical and subjective. On the other hand, one would think that business would just be about numbers, a very objective view. This seems to be too simplistic. The fundamentalist bent makes that brand of Christianity very objective. Strategies, plans, and goals trump the fuzzy business of "saving souls". The business side crosses over into the subjective via their advertising and other forms of consumer outreach. A quick glance at the advertisements today show them to be glib and inspiring, or so the advertising firms would like them to be. This is the approach that evangelical guys should be taking if they want to increase their own "market share" of converts. Instead, biblical fundamentalism seems more focused on subjugating the world, more so than any business enterprise has dreamed of doing.

So, we have big business acting like a religion and religion acting like big business. No wonder they get along with each other. The cynical side of me says that it's really about the people and money behind the two. IMO there is a LOT of back-scratching going on. That's material for another post.

Are there other ways to look at this? Your thoughts please!

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