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dogemperor [userpic]
Mods needed


Hello, all-

Our numbers keep climbing, which is a good thing. I hope that the new readers here are getting a lot out of this community. And I am glad to see 'regulars' posting and commenting, too.

More posters on board means that I need to increase the number of folks to help me mind this community. So, I am looking for some people to volunteer to help me out in the moderation department.

The criteria are:

Been a member of this community for a while
Are familiar with the posting guidelines
Read and post to this community regularly
Willing to communicate and work with me on matters pertaining to this community

This isn't a heavy duty job, but it does require some 'board time'. Folks here are pretty good about following the posting guidelines, and when I do have to delete or moderate, I always say 'why'.

If you are interested in being added to the moderator lineup, just reply to this post.


dogemperor [userpic]

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]queencallipygos)

Okay - I had an article up here that was a bit of a stretch, and upon reflection (and the encouragement of those below), I agree that this was too much of a stretch.

I'll leave this post up for a little while and then will delete it. (Hey, I believe that when you're a dork, and you realize you've been a dork, you should really go all out and admit it. :-> )

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