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A Step in the Right Direction?


Wal-Mart Takes Step to End Discriminatory Policy; Will Now Include Birth Control in Insurance Plan

As nation's largest retailer acquiesces to public pressure, 24 states still do not require this coverage...

(Link above leads to press release. This link leads to NARAL web site, which I thought was packed with good information on the issue: NARAL Pro-choice America)

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How Biblical is the Christian Right?

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by Margaret M. Mitchell


There was a term that a prominent televangelist once used to describe what "everybody else" practiced. What was it now? Oh, yeah; "pick-and-choose theology".

Maybe he was speaking from experience.

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The Battle for Your Mind


There was a posting discussion on a blog I frequent regarding the way James Dobson, Peter LaBarbera and others twist and misuse statistics. Someone posted a link to this article about mind control techniques and how they are employed by many Christian sects.

Here is the list of topics covered in the article:
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Here's the link:


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Satire or serious?

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**UPDATE: A YouTube video I linked earlier today with a guy singing a song about how "God hates fags" has been pulled, but here's the profile page of whoever uploaded it: http://www.youtube.com/user/donniedavies

I like how the userpic/icon/whatever on the profile page says "God hates censorship!"

Even funnier? The comment left on that page: "Your hate-spew video has been removed...

Praise God."

P.P.S.: Apparently you can still view the homosexual self-hate? fundie satire? video here.

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