Dark Christianity
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A Southern Baptist pastor is arrested for propositioning a male prostitute undercover cop.

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The Next Step


We've all heard the Right's argument about how Gays can't marry because it will destroy society, that it's the government acknowledging a sinful lifestyle, Baby Jesus will cry a river, etc etc etc. But after a heap of states have banned gay marriage and civil unions in their constitutions, where will they go next?

Now the religious right is going after heterosexual divorce:

After its victory in last year's fight over a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in Virginia, the Family Foundation of Virginia announced Thursday that it will push to change the state's divorce laws to make it more difficult for parents to end their marriage.

The Family Foundation, which opposes abortion and promotes socially conservative values, said it will lobby the General Assembly this year to amend the state's long-standing no-fault divorce law, which essentially allows a husband or wife to terminate a marriage without cause.

The foundation is advocating "mutual consent divorce" for couples with children, which would require a husband and wife to agree to divorce before a marriage can be legally terminated, except in certain instances, such as abuse or cruelty. The proposed legislation would not affect childless couples.

"Right now, one spouse can unilaterally end [the marriage], and not only is their spouse unable to stop the divorce, their abandonment does not preclude them from having custody of their child," said Victoria Cobb, president of the Family Foundation. "When we send a message that one can up and leave their family and have no consequence, the Old Dominion is encouraging divorce."

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The Holy Blitz Rolls On


The Christian right is a 'deeply anti-democratic movement' that gains force by exploiting Americans' fears, argues Chris Hedges. Salon talks with the former New York Times reporter about his fearless new book, 'American Fascism.' )

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